Sep 13

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Our website welcomes all sports bettors interested in finding out as much as possible about Asian bookmakers and the advantages to be gained by operating with them.

Have you already considered placing bets with an Asian bookie? Or are you just interested in becoming more informed about the options?

We are a multi-national federation of bettors who have extensive knowledge about this dynamic market that keeps growing and offering an increasing number of benefits to its customers. Having tested numerous agencies by personal experience, we can pinpoint the best of them and direct you toward the achievement of your specific betting goals.

Indeed, it often happens that Asian bookmakers offer better odds than their European counterparts, which draws punters from all over the world to use their services. Besides, there are new betting formats to work with – they will give you a multitude of choices and increased winning chances. We will help you make the best decisions and enjoy a high level of success.

Our federation is closely associated with some of Asia’s top bookmakers, while many individuals in our organization hold shares in some of them. Building upon long-time collaboration and mutual trust, we are fully confident about our expertise in this specific area and apply it for both personal betting purposes (it usually works quite well) and for aiding others in their quest toward new wagering opportunities.

welcomeSince the Asian market is still experiencing a boom and its clientele acquiring process is still in full swing, there are many concerns about its reliability. People (especially those outside of Asia) are sometimes even afraid to play their money with these relatively new companies that are not backed by several decades of tradition as is the case with many European agencies. We are here to dissipate any suspicions and show the bettor the many positive aspects by proving them with hard facts.

First of all, most successful Asian bookmakers that are currently on the market have an online experience comparable to that of European companies – indeed, some of them entered the Internet more than a decade ago while others have dealt with just as many punters and provided them with even better odds and winning chances, always ensuring a fair and rewarding payout. Actually, the bookies that we recommend outcompete their worldwide rivals in most areas, offering you margins not to be found anywhere else.

The diversity of betting options is by far one of the most crucial factors that accounts for an agency’s success or failure – the Asians not only feature everything typically available in the rest of the world, they also developed their own implements. Thus, the Asian Handicap betting format is currently gaining incredible popularity, allowing for sports action with a unique twist. European punters often become interested in operating with an Asian bookmaker due to this handicap system, but once they get on board, there is much more to benefit from – higher limits, instant and free payouts, advantageous odds and a better live betting experience.

When it comes to bonuses and promotions, the Asian bookies are in no way behind the Europeans – they do in fact often beat them in this area, too. You can enjoy up to £200 as free betting money just by signing up and there are many other sensational promotions to keep you excited and entertained once you become an established customer.


Besides, there are casino games accessible on the bookies’ portals, accompanied by bonuses and the exclusive opportunity to play them with live dealers. Recently added to the already impressive arsenal, they bring about excitement and enjoyment in a way of their own. Whenever you feel like betting on live roulette or baccarat outcomes in order to take a break from betting on sports, your Asian bookmaker becomes a live casino where you get to play real games hosted by attractive croupiers. Plus, there are regular casino games that include both highly popular selections offered by worldwide casinos and special ones to be found only on Asian bookmaking portals.

Let’s take a look at the strongest Asian bookies and what makes them stand out:

MAXBET is a leader in the industry, having acquired the bettors’ acclaim over the years due to its unwavering dedication to high standards. Indeed, it is one of the top choices for VIPs and high rollers, both in Asia and Europe and currently delivers to them an abundance of betting possibilities with the best odds. Thus, you can wager without limits at MAXBET (formerly known as IBCBET)– they accept any amount and that stands even in the case of those players who win on a regular basis, a feat not to be matched by most of the competitors.

SBOBET has been on the market since 2004 and is currently headquartered in both Asia and Europe. The company became very well-established in the meantime, having also sponsored certain Premier League teams. In fact, it entered into contracts that designated SBOBET as the official Asian betting partner of some of them. Its activity and constant pursuit of high quality earned it eGaming Review Magazine’s award of Asian Operator of the Year twice in a row, in 2009 and 2010.

You will be overwhelmed by the multitude of betting options that SBOBET allows for, both as to quantity and quality. The list of events available to bet on seems endless and it is always possible to wager on live games or races. Bettors can choose a regular betting format, e.g. 1x2 or opt for the more advantageous Asian Handicap, which SBOBET features for most of the games. That is not all, though: the special Racing section is there to gear you up for the most exciting derbies and allow you to conveniently place bets on all UK, Irish, South African and Dubai races with a single account.

12BET entered the Internet betting world in 2007 and experienced a significant level of growth in its operations and popularity, being currently trusted by a multitude of customers in East Asia but also slowly making its way in the rest of the world. It offers highly customized services: you will be taken to different portals and have the ability to bet on specific local events depending on your location – the UK, Europe, Asia & Oceania or International. Then, you will be able to benefit from many bonuses and promotions, whether when placing bets or playing at the exclusive casino that 12BET has set up.

Pinnacle Sports truly lives up to its name by providing the punter with top-notch betting opportunities. The company started its operations back in 1998, being one of the first of its kind to go online and certainly boasting richer traditions when compared to many European bookies. One area where Pinnacle Sports beats most of the competitors is the low margin one – it has abided by the reduced margin pricing model ever since its foundation and nowadays offers extremely profitable rates to all its customers. This policy has profited the company a great deal, as well, establishing it as a leader in sports betting not only in Asia but all over the world.

As one can see, our federation recommends only those bookmakers that have stood the test of time, quality and customer satisfaction. You might have a hard time picking a favorite and end up opening multiple accounts – after all, you can place a bet on a certain event in a most convenient manner by comparing the options. Still, there is one thing they have in common that guarantees convenience anytime: the Asian Handicap betting format.


This innovative approach to wagering was developed in Asia, at first being referred to as “hang cheng betting” by the bookmakers there. In November of 1998, journalist Joe Saumarez Smith came up with the term “Asian Handicap” and the name stuck, giving rise to a betting tool that is presently used by bookmakers and punters worldwide. What is so special about it?

First of all, the Asian Handicap format evens out the chances between two opposing teams by “giving” to the underdog and “taking away” from the favorite. For example, in a German Cup match of Bayern Munich against a club from the Second Bundesliga, the approximate number of goals that Bayern is expected to win by will be “awarded” to the other team, so that when you bet on the latter and they do in fact lose by that number of goals, it will count as a draw and you will get your money back. However, if that team is in good shape and loses by a smaller number of goals, it will count as a victory.

With the Asian Handicap, you get the unique opportunity to place winning bets on losing teams – it balances the odds and allows you a much wider betting range. In many cases, the “handicap” ascribed to a team is not a whole number, which precludes a draw, further providing you with an edge over the bookie. At any rate, you have more winning chances.

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