About us

After gazing through our website, some of you might wonder who these guys are. Therefore, we’ve decided to give some clue about us. We are a multi-national federation of bettors who have extensive knowledge about Asian betting market. This dynamic market keeps growing and offering an increasing number of benefits to its customers. Having tested numerous agencies by personal experience, we can pinpoint the best Asian bookies via a betting agent to achieve your specific betting goals.

Indeed, it often happens that top bookies from Asia offer better odds than European ones, which draws punters from all over the world to use their services. Besides, there are new betting formats to work with. They will give you a multitude of choices and increased winning chances. We will help you make the best decisions and enjoy a high level of success.

Our federation associates closely with some of Asia’s top bookmakers, while many individuals in our organization hold shares in some of them. Through a long-time collaboration and mutual trust, we are fully confident about our expertise in this specific area. We apply our knowledge for both (successful) personal betting purposes and for helping others find new wagering opportunities.

Now that you learn more about us, you can continue exploring our priceless tips for your betting experience.