One of the best agents for Asian Bookmakers

Having been one of the well-known brokers in the betting industry, BetInAsia operates under Lone Rock Holdings N.V. The company’s motto is straightforward: to get access to the highest odds and largest volumes when it comes to sports betting, your choice should be BetInAsia. In this review, we are going to scrutinize over the accuracy of this claim. We will list advantages of being a member of BetInAsia and the decision will be your at the end of the day.

What advantages you can get via BetInAsia

First of all, along with its competitors, BetInAsia excels at offering their services on Asian Bookmakers. The fact that they offer high limits and liquidity is what most of their clients are interested in. Their number one product is Mollybet. Those who have read our reviews will not have a hard time recognizing this software. It might remind you of the the best betting software with multiple bookmakers.

Secondly, although the range of services they provide does not seem to be as diverse as the best betting agent’s, they offer their help opening accounts at reputable bookmakers. Sbobet, Pinnacle Sports, Orbit Exchange, Singbet, Maxbet, Betisn, Matchbook are the bookies can be accessed via BetInAsia.

Furthermore, they accept payments via Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, and BitCoin. Opening an account is much easier than you imagine if you have an account at one of these e-wallets.

Another great feature that BetInAsia offers is Skype betting service. Skype betting is, at this point, a well-known and convenient service preferred by some players looking for larger stakes than the Asian bookies can offer.

Last but not least, their customer support team is praiseworthy. That is to say, they are always available 24/7 to offer solutions to your problems.

Is it the best option?

All in all, BetInAsia continues to be a noteworthy broker for Asian Bookmakers. Their claim to be the destination for Asian brokerage and services does not disappoint. Punters that need to contact an agent to open an account, might as well consider checking BetInAsia out. Having taken all those advantages that we’ve listed above into consideration, we believe that it might suit your needs. We advise you to read all the reviews we’ve prepared for you and decide to contact the one that suits your needs.