Today, there are several bookmakers, some more famous than others that offer different bets in their various sports. How to know which is the best one? How to know which of them offers me the best chances of profit? Well, there is only one answer to this: Comparing them. That is why VIP-IBC is born, a betting platform for professional players in which you will have the chance to compare different bookmakers and bet on the best of them. Do you want to know why VIP-IBC is the best betting platform for Asian bookmakers? Keep reading.

Advantages of the Best Betting Platform

Top selection of bookmakers: Now that original has been added to the already huge list of Asian Bookmakers present in the best betting platform, the highest limits on the market are granted.

VIP-IBC - The Best Betting Software

  • Ultra-fast connection for a constant odds updating
  • Possibility to bet large amounts
  • Always the best odds available
  • Opportunity to earn big profits
  • Trendy and classic sports: American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Soccer, Ice Hockey, MMA, Rugby, and Tennis
  • Huge variety of markets and types of bets
  • Various payment methods: Skrill, Neteller, Ecopayz, and cryptocurrencies
  • Minimum stake lower than 1 EUR
  • An user-friendly interface and tutorial videos that help newbies to understand the platform
  • Skype Brokerage: Being a recently added game-changer feature, it allows you to bet in the platform without any void for “abnormal bets”. If you are a high-roller, we bet you will like this feature.

How does VIP-IBC work?

Here below you can get used to the platform before signing up. In VIP-IBC site, you can find more of these tutorial videos and easily adapt to the software in a few hours.

As you can see, the VIP-IBC platform’s advantages have no limits. On top of that, they claim to be an ever-evolving service, which is key for a bettor that aims to improve day by day. So, do not hesitate and sign up for the best betting software now! Just complete the online sign-up form with all the necessary information and the great VIP-IBC’s support team will contact you with further instructions. The leading betting agent: BET-IBC and their flagship product: VIP-IBC are waiting for you!