AC Milan has been one of the most successful European football teams in history. Actually, they are the Italian club with most UEFA Champions Cups, or Champions Leagues, with 7 trophies in total. They are also the second best for the cups in Europe – only behind Real Madrid. For years, they were the favorite European team and made many people get a betting account via a betting agent because they believed in Milan to win Serie A. However, long gone are the glory days of Baresi, Gullit, Rijkaard, Maldini, Kaká and Shevchenko. It was eight seasons ago when they won their last league title, and their last Champions Cup dates back from season 06/07. They are not competing in Champions League since 2013.

Milan in Recent Years

The influence of Silvio Berlusconi, former Italian Prime Minister, and the longest-serving Milan’s chairman, in the club’s golden age is undeniable. He devoted all his political and financial power to take AC Milan from rags to riches. Not only did he make them the best Italian club but turned into a very profitable business. However, since 2007, Milan hasn’t signed many young players. On the contrary, they signed seasoned ones, players in their forties or close to that age. That meant they would have a hard time refreshing their squad. Indeed, they had it since the project lost its continuity and nowadays they have a title drought from 2011. They only won the Italian Super Cup in 2016.

A New Beginning?

Currently, by the hand of the fierce former player, and now coach, Gennaro Gattuso, Milan is thinking again on a long-term process. They are renewing their squad by combining the experience of few aged players such as Zapata, Abate, and Montolivo; the proven talent of some younger others like Donnaruma, Biglia, Çalhanoğlu, and Suso; and the young blood of many promising kids, like Cutrone, Halilovic, Locatelli, Bonaventura, and Calabria. Putting these elements together will give them a second breath and it will be essential for Milan in a season in which they don’t compete only for the Serie A league and the Italian cup, but for the Europa League, too. So they need a wide and deep squad to be able to be contenders in the three competitions.

After the first preseason with Gattuso on the bench, Milan has given a very good first impression. It is obvious that the coach wants to transmit his competitive and brave attitude, that was his trademark during his time as a player, which will boost their chances of having success. With a Pinnacle account via a betting broker, you can see they are the fifth favorites to win the league. However, we believe they will end up in the top 3, which would lead them back to the next UEFA Champions League. Only time will tell. There are people in Italy who trusts Milan to win Serie A. Also, this bookmaker will offer good odds for the Rossoneri to win the Italian league.