Bookmakers, the best betting agent, the fans and even those who do not know anything about sports expected a victory from Barca. In the end, they didn’t let them down. Barcelona, led by Iniesta, regained the excellence this Saturday and defeated (0-5) an unrecognizable Sevilla. They regained the title and win their 3th Copa del Rey and their 4th consecutive one.

That defeat in Rome forced the Blaugrana to try to alleviate the tremendous blow with a double victory. The first part of the ‘deal’ is already in their pocket. On the other hand, the second part, La Liga, will arrive in the next days. What we saw at the Metropolitan Wanda was the best version of Valverde’s team. Indeed, they were very different from the one that cost them the elimination of the Champions. Moreover, they had no rival because Montella’s men raised very little opposition. Contrary to what happened two years ago, Sevilla showed no resistance.

Analysis of the Match

The concentration of Barcelona players, the pressure, and the quick recovery of the ball, announced what was going to happen. Valverde’s team, Iniesta and the magic of Messi, were a hurricane that devastated Sevilla. It is not the first time that Sevilla suffers on the field this season. After the disappointing performance in Rome, Barcelona showed their excellence in the pitch again.

Between Iniesta and Messi, they were enough to lead the actions with their excellent football and great precision. Meanwhile Sevilla was a team that did not find a clear strategy, in which key players like Banega or N’zonzi did not appear. Without their reference, the ship was drifting on a disastrous night. Although Montella replaced Correa with Sandro, it was clear that Barcelona controlled the game. Despite slowing down, they found all the spaces open to finish the game with 5 goals in favor. However, better than the football shown, the best of the second half was the ovation that Iniesta received from the fans of both teams. A great symbol of Spanish and international football when he was replaced after securing his 31st title.

What Happens Next for Both Teams?

In view of the results, anything can happen in Sevilla, whether Montella is ratified or a new coach emerges for the next game against Levante (April 27). Meanwhile, Barcelona is only one point away from winning the 25th title of La Liga and will face Deportivo La Coruña next Sunday. Without depending on other markers, Barça would be happy with a tie to get the title mathematically. If you want to bet on these games you only need to contact a trusted agent, where you can select the best bookmakers with a betting agent, consult predictions from trustworthy tipsters, and 24/7 support.