The Aftermath of the Finals

If you are a fan of basketball betting and enjoyed watching NBA final games; if you bet on NBA with a Betisn account via betting agent, then you know how that ended. Cavaliers fought, but they never looked like a rival for Golden State Warriors. Is it possible that LeBron has also noticed this?

Now, Dan Gilbert’s Cavs are waiting for the perfect moment to be able to sit down with LeBron and offer him a new contract and 205 million dollars. However, Gilbert and Tyronn Lue have to be ready for a scenario in which LeBron James responds with a ‘No’. He might not be thinking to return with the Ohio franchise next season. What would Cavs achieve without their best player in the history?

What Happens if the King Leaves his Land?

The first answer is that the team would immediately fall to the level of Charlotte Hornets. Moreover, most probably their only goal will be tanking for Zion Williamson. To think of something greater than that would be ridiculous. If James decides to say goodbye to the franchise, their biggest star would be Kevin Love and we all have seen that he is not the best person to carry a team on his shoulders.

The Cavs have a lot to lose with the departure of LeBron and the reconstruction would be quite complicated. The odds have said it themselves. The LeBron factor is a variable quite relevant. Currently, the Warriors are favorites to take the next title of 2019, while the Rockets are second. But, if LeBron ends up leaving, the Cavs would fall dramatically.

Fans of Cleveland, if LeBron retires soon from the ranks of the institution, I recommend you to start praying and have a lot of patience for your team to return to the big plans of the NBA. Meanwhile, plan your next betting moves with basketball betting and check out the best betting agent for Asian bookies.