One of the greatest sports figures and the current number 1 tennis player in the world, Djokovic has tested positive for Covid-19. The Serbian made an announcement on Tuesday. He stated that he took the test after returning from Adria Tour to Belgrad. The results, unfortunately, turned out to be positive for both him and his wife.

Previously, Borna Coric and Grigor Dmitrov also tested positive amid the Adria Tour. The controversial exhibition tournament took place in the Balkan region. Before the final match of the tournament, Dimitrov announced that he tested positive. Following Dimitrov’s positive result, the autorities cancelled the tournament immediately. However, now it appears that it was too late.

If the Adria Tour had been successful, it would have paved the way for the US Open, which would have been the first major tennis tournament after the pandemic started. However, now this seems to be a farfetched hope. Even so, you can still register for the best betting software to bet on the other sporting events.

The harsh criticism Adria Tour received

Even before the tournament started, the organizers got harsh criticism. Everyone thought that it wasn’t safe yet to hold an organization open to the public. Unlike other major sports tournaments that are still running, they allowed fans to mingle with the players in the Adria Tour. No one seemed to care about social distancing. Djokovic was the focal point of all the criticism as he was the one to host the hour. Apparently Djokovic got devastated after receiving his Covid-19 test results; however, he still maintained his stance by saying that “We organized the tournament at the moment when the virus was weak, believing that we had met the conditions for hosting the Tour.”

He also apologized for endangering the lives of players taking part in this tournament and all the other people who were on duty during the Adria Tour. Many people critized him heavily for his reckless behavior when we was partying at a discotheque with fellow Adria Tour tennis players.

We have witnessed how dangerous can sporting events be if the social distancing is not respected. We also know that sporting events can continue without risking anyone’s life if the measures are taken. Open a betting account via the best betting agent now and bet on those tournaments. Stay safe!