The French government announced today that all sporting events will not be played until September. This means that Ligue 1 & Ligue 2 are officially over. French Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, especially spoke about football tournaments. He crossed out the possibility of resuming the leagues by saying that the 2019-20 season, especially for football, will not be able to continue. While there is still hope for Bundesliga to continue, we will probably be without most of the major European leagues for the rest of the year. However, bettors have still a chance to bet on leagues such as Belarus Premier League and Nicaragua Primera Divison. All you need to do is to check the best betting software!

UEFA has recently set May 25 as the deadline for European Leagues to present their restart plans. France responded quickly and stated that they have no intention to restart. It was known that French leagues had plans to return to training in May. However, the recent news about Coronavirus seems to have affected the plans of the authorities.

PSG Champions of the League 1

Who will be the champion of Ligue 1?

Of course, the recent announcement brings up another question. Currently, PSG are the leaders of Ligue 1. They are 12 points clear away from the second-placed Olympique Marseille. Whether PSG will be crowned as the champions or not is a challenging question, especially when we have had a similar case with the Dutch Eredivisie. Netherlands was the first European league to announce the canceling of the football leagues. Despite finishing the league in the first place, Ajax were not granted the title. The teams who will take place in the UEFA Champions League and Europa League were decided according to their last positions before the suspension of the league. The clubs have raised their voices in the aftermath of this decision. Several teams have found the cancellation unfair.

UEFA has recently given the leagues the authority to decide the European qualification places. Nevertheless, the fact that the majority of the leagues have still many rounds left puts an overwhelming burden on the league leaders’ shoulders. There seem to be three options for Ligue 1. They will either take the league table at the halfway point after probably 27 rounds because some teams have not played in the 28th round. Or they will take points per game into consideration and rank the teams accordingly. The last option is to take only the first part of the league into consideration. This means the league table after the 19th round will be decisive.

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