After Real Madrid secured their first domestic title in 3 years and Barca suffered a traumatizing defeat to end the season on Thursday night, Lionel Messi criticized Barcelona and its performance performance heavily. He had every right to be frustrated after their arch-rivals dethroned his team. He also couldn’t help acknowledging the fact Barcelona is a “very weak and low-intensity team.”

No matter how good of a season he had (he has 23 goals and 21 assists in La Liga this season), his efforts came up short and, in the end, it was apparent that he lacked support. His former teammate Dani Alves also told the reporters that “Messi is only a human and lacks the support to deliver on expectation”.

Although La Liga is basically over for Barcelona, they will still be participating in the Champions League, which will continue from the last 16 round. If you want to double your excitement and place your bets while watching the Champions League games in August, we suggest you to register at the best betting software.

Messi Calls Barcelona

The worst Barcelona in the decade

Although Barça have won the domestic title eight times in the last 12 years, if you cannot win it again, you’re doomed to be called unsuccessful. This is the case if you are playing for one of the biggest teams in the world. This was one of those seasons. In fact, this is actually the worst season since 2007-08 season when Barça accumulated only 67 points in 38 rounds. This season so far, they have gathered 79 points with only game remaining. This is also one of the worst seasons in terms of goal scored in Barça’s recent history. Although they scored 81 goals, the league’s best in this category, again the statistics show that this is the least prolific season since 2008.

Apparently, there is some truth to what Messi has said. The Argentinian legend was also worried about their match-up against Napoli in the Champions League. “If we want to win the Champions League, we have to change a lot. If we continue like this, we will lose the game against Napoli” he said. What do you think? Are we going to see the little magician works his miracle again and carry his team to the finals? Or will Barça quit soon and say goodbye to the Champions League in the last 16? Make sure to follow the best betting tips via betting agent and double your winnings!