The World Cup is at its peak and with only six games to play, the final is approaching. All bookmakers try to offer the best Asian odds for Russia v Croatia and upcoming matches, but without a doubt, Asian bookmakers like Pinnacle have the lead in this matter. So, if you already decided on the best one and want to get a Pinnacle account via a betting broker you are still on time.

Today, a Russia team driven by an excited crowd will try to extend their World Cup dream against the talented Croatia of Luka Modric and Ivan Rakitic. Russia, the largest nation in the world, with more than 142 million people and a renewed passion for football, will flood the Olympic Stadium animated by the unexpected success of its selection. If you think that Russia is going to win, hurry up, because the best Asian odds for Russia to win are @4.38 (Full Time) and @5.52 (1st Half).

Can They Beat the Host of the Tournament?

On the other side, Croatia, a small country of just over four million inhabitants but with plenty of talent. This is evidenced by the fact that sixteen of his players are active in the five best European leagues. It will not be easy for Croatia to knock down the Russian wall, which already proved its effectiveness against the powerful Spain, which they sent home in the round of 16 to the general surprise. But if you think that Croatia will be the winner, now is the moment to place your bet because the best Asian odds for Croatia to win are @2.07 (Full Time) and @2.90 (1st Half).

Never since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Russia had overcome the group stage and today they will fight to enter the semifinals before a euphoric country so this is your chance to place a winning bet. Get the best Asian odds for World Cup, highest limits, a huge variety of betting markets and bet on Pinnacle via a betting broker.