The last game on Premier was played on March 9. Since then the suspension continues and fans are without the best football league in the world. Authorities have yet to make an official announcement about the return; however, resuming the league on June 12 seems to be the best-case scenario at the moment. If the league is to resume, you know that the best betting platform will be your go-to tool to place your bets.

It has been reported that clubs demanded at least 4-5 weeks of training prior to the return. Accordingly, Premier League teams commenced training in preparation for finishing the league this week. However, no contact training will take place unless it is deemed that social distancing is no longer necessary. The decision of the UK government after reviewing the lockdown measures will be decisive in this matter.

What do players want?

When will Premier League returnAlthough trainings have started and “Project Restart” is at step one, some players raised their objections regarding returning to action. Troy Deeney and Danny Rose are amongst those who don’t believe it is safe to return to football at this phase. Their concerns seem reasonable as football in the UK cannot resume should the government not implement additional measures to assure the safety of players.

Likewise, League 2 clubs vetoed the decision of resuming the league. The players and the club administrators believe that it is wiser to end the season. The faith of League 1 and Championship will be decided as well the next week. While League 1 might be canceled as well, Championship will most likely continue because of its entangled situation with Premier League.

What if Premier League is canceled?

It is highly unlikely that the Premier League will be canceled. The clubs are committed to resuming the season. The financial consequences would irreparable if the league was ended today. It is estimated the damage would be £1 billion in such a case. Just recently Manchester United have announced that their debt rose to £430 million. Therefore, we believe that the Premier League will restart no matter what.

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