Xhaka’s future with the Gunners looked uncertain after the shocking reply he gave Arsenal fans. Check out the best odds and highest limits for Arsenal matches if you are an Arsenal or football fan via VIP-IBC, the best betting software.

During the match Arsenal had against Crystal Palace, supporters slammed Xhaka for all that had been going wrong with the team. So, as a response to the fans who booed him against Crystal Palace, he told them to “f**k off”. This was a very impolite response coming from him and consequently, his stay in the club was on the line.

Luckly, Arsenal’s new boss, Mikel Arteta is a huge fan of him. He even mentioned that Xhaka was on his list at his old club, Manchester City, as they were looking for a player in that position (midfielder).

The support

He said, “That is how much I liked him. I was happy when ­Arsenal signed him because I thought he was going to be a terrific player… He has done some really good things and now he has got stuck in a very difficult ­situation that was growing and ­growing and ­growing and one day it exploded… But I have been amazed by how this relationship is starting to come back, and I think the fans have been very, very positive about him, as he has as well… Obviously it is difficult to change completely the scenario from where he was to a ­magnificent one. But I think we are in the right direction with him.”

The new boss confirmed he spoke with Xhaka: “I spoke to him and told him how much I like him and what I expect from him. How important he is for the team… I am here to help him; I want him to feel we are right ­behind him. Not just myself but the whole club… I was happy when Arsenal signed him because I thought he was going to be a terrific player… If we can get the people in the right way as well, the fans with him, it will be helpful for the team… I want to give the players ­confidence, ­reassurance, and guidance. Slowly, hopefully, we’ll get to where I want.”

So far…

Following the attitude he had with Arsenal fans, they doscharged Xhaka of his duties as Captain and replaced them with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang but with the new boss in charge, we think that it won’t be the case for long as of now.

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