In recent years, one of the most popular topics has been the rise of cryptocurrencies. After having emerged quietly, it has become a daily transaction standard for everyone. Ordinary people, presidents, industrial giants, entrepreneurs, and businessmen take advantage of the benefits this new digital alternative to currency offers. Punters are also aware of the fact that to bet with Cryptocurrencies is more profitable for their betting experience that’s why more users open a Bitcoin wallet. So, combined with VIP-IBC, the best betting software, this digital currency represents a great option for profitable outcomes.

bet with cryptocurrencies

Before explaining what cryptocurrencies are, it would be better to explain the originating term: Cryptology. Basically, it’s the science of encoding. To put it in simple words, it is the practice and study of techniques that adopt coding, in order to secretly and securely convey or store data. Cryptocurrency, is the digital currency that uses the science of cryptology. Although people had their reservations at the beginning, today you can see there are plenty of merchants accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method. It has also come into prominence in the betting industry as well making it a strong suggestion to start looking for a reliable betting platform where you can use cryptocurrencies for your betting activities. That’s why they choose the best betting broker for European exchanges when they want to use this option to fund their betting accounts.

To Bet with Cryptocurrencies is Secure

Having discussed its basic definition, it’s time to explore its advantages. Firstly, all cryptocurrencies are digital, so there is no way to counterfeit them. Moreover, once a transaction is made, it is impossible to reverse it. Therefore, it can be said that they are more secure than credit cards.

While, it is a fact that most of the betting companies offer cryptocurrencies as a payment method, what makes a real difference in finding a reliable intermediary. BET-IBC – the best agent for Asian bookmakers, offers you a wide range of deposit options for Asian Bookmakers, including cryptocurrencies.

Another important point to consider is the issue of identity theft. When you provide your credit card information to a merchant, even for a small amount, they can access all of your credentials. With cryptocurrencies, you are the sole owner of the corresponding private and public encryption keys that make up your cryptocurrency network identity or address.

Moreover, cryptocurrencies are decentralized; i.e., this exchange system operates in a user-to-user (peer-to-peer) structure. The first advantage of this process is cutting out any middlemen. The second and probably the most important advantage of all, unlike e-wallets, no authority can impose regulations or restrictions. In the case of betting, this is very significant. Bettors know that some countries can restrict betting activities and confiscate the bettors’ assets. It is also a fact that e-wallet providers can close your account due to misuse. You can use Cryptocurrencies without a single problem for your betting experience. If you’re convinced and want to use them for betting, you can check out the best betting agent for Asian bookmakers, BET-IBC is one of the most reputable and reliable agents that accept them as a payment method.

BITCOIN, the Most Popular Cryptocurrency for Betting

bet with Cryptocurrencies and win big

Last but not least, comes the discussion on the currently trending cryptocurrencies. Let’s begin with the most well-known of the lot: Bitcoin. It began circulating around 2009 and at first, those who used it were mostly programmers and computer technicians. However, as its popularity grew over time, even those who are not familiar with the Internet have come to know what Bitcoin is. Not shockingly, its price has increased along with its rising demand.

One of the reasons why most users choose Bitcoin to bet with cryptocurrencies is its popularity, which reached its peak in 2018. As it became more popular, more and more merchandisers started to offer it as a payment method. Of course, there are other options if you want to try something different. However, most of the betting agents may not offer you the chance to bet with cryptos other than Bitcoin. On the contrary, BET-IBC – the best agent for Asian bookmakers, accepts other cryptocurrencies as well. If you wish to use cryptocurrencies, you can get an account via the best betting agent.