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The Asian betting market undoubtedly offers great odds and the high winning chances that come with them. Our website also emphasizes the numerous benefits involved in operating with an Asian bookmaker. However, for bettors who live outside of Asia, it is often a very tough task to open an account with one of them. It is the result of specific regulations and governmental laws that seek to limit online gaming. It is no news to anyone who knows at least the general aspects of this industry. However, every problem has a solution. That's why we strive to gather some information about the best betting agents. They will grant you access to the Asian gambling world, and we will guide you to get a betting account with an agent that allows you to get into this profitable market.

Colloquially referred to as “bookmaker mirrors”, these agents connect the bettor directly to the bookie in exchange for a commission. Your direct business relationship with the Asian bookie is as though there is no middleman. Not a single penny will have to go out of your pocket for these highly useful services because all the financial concerns are treated exclusively between the agent and the bookmaker. It works like clockwork for any punter interested in signing up with an Asian bookie and getting a hold of advantageous odds not to be found on the European market. However, you can also find the best betting service for restricted countries that meets your expectations.

The Main Betting Agents and The Asian System

Let us explain how this system works. There are three levels of agents: Super Master Agent (SMA), Master Agent (MA), and Agent. Each level can only create accounts for the immediately lower level of the hierarchical scale. For example, an SMA can only open a MA or an Agent can only open a Player account. SMA's also holds the status of both MA and Agent, thus being able to help people across the board. If you simply want to place bets with an Asian bookie, an SMA can aid you in that. If you’d like to become an Agent or MA yourself and earn consistent commissions, that’s also something that an SMA can assist you with.

As professionals, we only recommend those agents who live up to professional high-quality standards, knowing that it benefits all parties involved at the end of the day. That is why we have made a selection to determine the best betting agent worldwide. Read through our review and marvel at the opportunities! Do not forget to check also this review on the best agent for Asian bookmakers.