We analyzed many Asian bookmakers in depth. As a result, we came up with a list of the best ones. In addition, we highlight the benefits of operating with these top bookmakers. While currently, the market is full of bookies offering attractive odds, we only select those who never fail to deliver on their promises. We tested them time and again on behalf of both customers and regulatory bodies. Having also undergone our personal trial and scrutiny, the companies we chose offer you high winning chances and the safety of timely payouts.

Top Bookmakers from Asia

By surfing through our review pages, you will get yourself with all the necessary knowledge about the most advantageous betting options. Whether you choose football, horse racing, motorsports or any other activity, we have a number of options for you. Furthermore, you will enter the bookmakers’ casino departments and mobile platforms. Additional implements meant to spice up your gaming experience.

We also included some of the biggest European bookmakers because we want you to be an informed bettor. So, you will be able to check both Asian and European ones. Accordingly, you will choose the one to suits you the most. Also, if you want to open multiple accounts, we will provide you with many options as well. Among the top bookies we highlight from Europe, you can find Betfair, the biggest exchange worldwide. Those who have already read our ACC-EX review already know that the best option is to open a Betfair account via a betting broker. There are other important exchanges such as Matchbook and Orbit, which we included here. Bet365 is another great option you can find in our list of reviews.

top bookmakers

Reasons to Bet in Asia

One of the first reasons to bet in Asia is the handicap system. The handicap system Asian bookmakers employ gives an edge to the punter. It balances the chances between two competing teams. Then, there are the odds that in most cases beat the ones Europeans, not by much, but by just enough to allow you to rake in extra tens, perhaps hundreds of Euros, US dollars or British pounds whenever your team or athlete wins.

Asian bookmakers are also known to provide their customers with increased winning chances and great live betting service. The only problem is that not enough people, especially outside of Asia, are aware of that. Our mission is to inform the bettor on all the opportunities to be taken advantage of when signing up with an Asian bookie. They are many and often surpass those we find on a European one. We do not advise you to quit other bookies, only to give the Asian ones a chance. You can always sign up for the best betting software and in the end have the best option for any given event.