General Information

The biggest betting exchange in the world brings us another whitelabel, this time in the form of Fair999 exchange. Powered by Betfair, FairExchange, or Fair999 as it is most commonly known, was founded in 2015. And just like Betfair’s other white labels, it presents the same odds and liquidity as Betfair, all without any premium charge, of course. It also features a higher speed than all its competitors, which became a strong selling point for this exchange, along with their very low minimum stake.


On Fair999 you can back or lay, and set up your own offer either in the pre-match or during in-play. Here we will give you our review of this betting exchange so you can decide if you want to try it out yourself. And as always, if you want to get an account with them we recommend you to get a Fair999 account with a betting agent as they can help you during the whole process.

Sports and Betting Markets

This exchange may have started with only a few markets, but through the last 5 years it has grown to offer over 20 great options. If we are talking about the betting types, the Fair999 exchange includes all the most popular markets, including Asian Handicaps and parlays.

The sports offered at Fair999 are:

• American Football
• Athletics
• Australian Rules
• Baseball
• Basketball
• Boxing
• Cricket
• Cycling
• Darts
• Esports
• Golf
• Greyhound Racing
• Handball
• Horse Racing
• Ice Hockey
• Motor Sports
• Politics
• Rugby League
• Rugby Union
• Snooker
• Soccer
• Tennis
• Volleyball

Fair999 Features

Their website is friendly, easy-to-use, and quite pleasing to the eyes as well. They have a mobile-friendly platform and their loading speed is surprisingly fast. Fair999 focuses on innovation and are always looking for new ways to improve and enhance their product. As mentioned at the start of the article, their speed is actually one of their main advantages, along with the small minimum stake of only 1 euro, which makes this an ideal platform for beginners.

Their main key features include:

• 1 EUR minimum bet;
• Liquidity and odds same as that of Betfair;
• No premium charge;
• Fast interface;
• Pre-match and in-play modes;
• Includes casino, slots, and lottery.

How to Register

The only way to get a Fair999 account at the moment is by using a betting agent or service. Sadly, it means that you can’t simply visit their website and register by yourself, but fret not, we have the perfect solution for you. As we always do in such cases, we recommend that you use the services of one of the best betting agents for Asian bookmakers in the market, BET-IBC. You can learn more about them and their offers by checking out their website or reading our BET-IBC review right here on our website.


Fair999 is a strong competitor among Betfair’s white-labels, much faster than its competitors, and it is a good choice if you can’t have an original Betfair account by yourself. Fair999 is also good for beginners due to its design and its minimum bet of 1 euro. If these features appealed to you, don't lose any more time and talk to your agent of choice to get your account as soon as possible.