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Q: How safe is online gaming?

A: Highly regulated and closely monitored, gambling on the Internet has come to be a rather secure activity. However, there are many disreputable portals which use attractive web design; accompanied by exaggerated winning promises only to disappear after a short while. Our association urges you to stay away from them and has even compiled a list of possible hoax companies. By accessing the services of those online gaming providers that we recommend, we guarantee your safety at all times.

Q: How safe is the Asian online betting market?

A: Sometimes viewed suspiciously because of the lack of knowledge, this dynamic gaming domain is currently one of the most secure in the world, with all its major firms under the license and regulations of the First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation, Asia’s top gambling jurisdiction. At the same time, the Asian market has experienced dramatic growth in both the number of customers and level of safety during the last decade, achieving unprecedented heights of popularity and reliability. If you have still trusting issues, you had better contact the best betting agent.

Q: Are all Asian bookies safe?

A: Sadly, just as in the case of European ones, no. There are in fact numerous “companies” that have either been altogether banned from operating or have been issued severe sanctions. We have also put together a list of dishonest Asian online bookmakers – while it does not contain all the bad bookies, it highlights the riskiest ones; we advise you to refrain from using any of their services.

Q: How reliable are the bookmakers recommended by

A: We only select those companies which have met all legal conditions (strictly regulated by high-authority bodies), have a large customer base characterized by long-time loyalty and have been dealing with billions of dollars in transactions every year for at least five years. Furthermore, most of them have sponsored teams from high-profile leagues and competitions, e.g. the Premier League.

Q: Which of the recommended bookies offers the most advantageous odds?

A: It depends on the specific event that you choose to bet on. While they all generally offer better odds than their European counterparts, the better-numbers contest among them is not easily won. That is why we also recommend you to register for the best betting software with multiple bookmakers. Therefore, you will have the chance to compare all the odds only in one platform.

Q: What payment options are available for transferring funds to/from Asian bookmakers?

A: Each of the bookies reviewed by us offers more than 30 options, including VISA, MasterCard or Bank Transfer. While they all provide for convenience and speedy transactions, we would like to draw your attention to NETELLER and Skrill – two professional electronic wallets tailored specifically for online gamers and endorsed by more than 95% of the customers who dealt with them.